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Animusic 2 (DVD-R)

Release: Animusic 2 (DVD-R)

Animusic 2 (DVD-R)

Animusic 2 is the follow up to our runaway best selling DVD of 2005! For those unfamiliar with Animusic, it was the DVD shown at virtually every hi-fi show over the last two years. With a variety of different music all "created" by amazing animated machines, Animusic captured the imaginations of young and old. This latest addition to the Animusic series from the zany creatives at Animusic Labs features 8 all new animated tracks in awesome 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and Anamorphic 16x9 video for widescreen TVs.

DVD Tracks List:

1. Starship Groove
2. Pogo Sticks
3. Resonant Chamber
4. Cathedral Pictures
5. Pipr Dream 2
6. Fiber Bundles
7. Gyro Drums
8. Heavy Light


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