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THE FOUNDRY CARA VR 2.1.1 FOR NUKE 10.5 11.0 11.1 X64 MACOSX


THE FOUNDRY CARA VR 2.1.1 FOR NUKE 10.5 11.0 11.1 X64 MACOSX

Cara VR’s advanced stitching toolset automatically corrects for exposure and white balance differences
between cameras, and stabilizes moving camera shots for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Ready for Cara VR 2.1? Enjoy stitching improvements and additional tools for stereo corrections.

Cara VR makes it easy for artists to use Nuke’s full suite of compositing tools on 360° footage
for clean-up, set extensions, 3D element insertion and more.

With Cara VR’s support for popular VR headsets, you can review directly from Nuke’s viewer
or Nuke Studio’s timeline, eliminating the need to export to a separate application.

Cara VR, for creation of high-quality live-action virtual reality content.

Original Scene Release Read NFO.


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